Affordable and Reliable IT Network Managed Services for Businesses in Singapore

IT Network Managed ServicesNetwork Solutions Singapore provides a wide range of IT network managed services to businesses and enterprises in Singapore. We help to support and manage your entire IT network infrastructure with solutions designed to meet the exact needs of your business. Whether you a small business or a large corporation, we are confident to help you get the most of your IT network with very robust IT solutions in Singapore.


Plan, Design, and Implementation

At Network Solutions Singapore, we help all types of businesses plan, design, implement, operate and manage the right IT network infrastructures that will help and enhance the way they do their business. From cloud solutions to security options, we help you avoid the complexity and confusion that comes with selecting and managing the right infrastructure but will not just meet your budget, but also give you the versatility as well as the security to get the most from your business.


Why Use Our It Network Managed Services

Several benefits come with using our network managed services in Singapore. They include but not limited to-:

  • Full visibility of your entire network
  • Reliable security and governance
  • Dedicated IT support
  • Scalability and flexibility to meet the specific needs of your business
  • Proactive measures to protect your network
  • You get to work with qualified IT professionals


IT Network Managed ServicesCustomized Solutions to Meet the Needs of Your Business

Since no business IT needs is similar, even if you operate in the same industry, our solutions are designed to meet the uniqueness of our client’s demands. It means that we don’t have a fit-it-all solution for every client, and once you approach us, we will do a thorough audit of your IT needs, and provide you with exactly the service you needed.

You can count on us for network managed services such as-:



Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure management service allows your business to have flexibility, control, and certainty over your virtual, physical and cloud environments. You can decide, or we will work alongside your IT department to create a customized set of infrastructure that will make it possible for your business to achieve its goals without exposing the network or the business in general to any external risks.


Backup Services

Data backup is one of the most important IT functions that sane IT department must never ignore, however, it is sad that up to 83% of businesses never take backup seriously. You don’t have to be part of the statistics when we can offer you with advanced IT backup services to protect your organization against security breaches, user errors, software errors, data theft, hardware failure, cybercrime, and natural disasters amongst other potential risks.


IT Service Desk Support

With Network Solutions Singapore, you get first class IT support the whole of your IT team as well as your end users. We will be just a phone call away should you run into any troubles.


Disaster Recovery Services

Most of the IT disasters encountered by businesses are usually attributed to IT software, hardware or networking failures. Currently, for you to be compliant with GDPR, you must have excellent protocols for disaster recovery, and we are here to help you set up that.